Temporary Traffic Management Mentor (TTM Mentor)


This training course is for a person who mentors/trains staff (TMO (previoulsy TC), STMS & TTM Workers) on the practical aspects of their role which NZTA will now request with their role out under the new Training Model.

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In short Mentors will assist TMO (previously TC), STMS & TTM Workers whom all will need competency sign offs under the new NZTA training model being phased in which the Mentor is required to do some verifying of practical elements in preparation for TTM Assessor.



The person must have practical experience and be warranted in the activities they will be mentoring on.

The minimum requirement is that the person holds the practising STMS warrant for the category of road the TTM Mentor is mentoring on.



For any bookings and / or questions please email train@TMCTeam.co.nz

This course is scheduled only upon request.



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