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Traffic Management & Control Ltd is your highly experienced road safety specialist & supplier with industry knowledge and have been in the industry for over a decade.

Our aim is to specialise in what we do best so that ultimately your organisation can specialise in what they do best! Streamlining your workloads and worries.

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Why do you need a Traffic Management Plan?

Click here to a view basic intro about the NZTA code of practice (CoPTTM), bringing some light in an interesting entertaining way (note this is just a simple glimpse at the code and its only TMC Ltd's interpretation of the major principles of the NZTA system.  This power point is intended for managers, business owners who would like some guidance before undertaking the NZTA – TC or STMS training courses, or companies that need some basic understanding of when you may need temporary traffic management. From here consult a NZTA Trainer, your local RCA and STMS before implementing any traffic management.  

For full details & resources about the NZTA – Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management refer to the NZTA website.

When working on roads or footpaths you need to be compliant with the following organisations:
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) - Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (COPTTM), adopted in 2001.
  • NZTA Local Road Supplement (LRS)
  • WorkSafe NZ (was Department of Labour / OSH).
Organisations that carry out work on State Highways & Local Roads are required to comply with NZTA (COPTTM) and the council adopted version (LRS).
All activities on the road must comply with this code when working within 5m of the edge line or occupying a live lane. This also includes all activities that vary the normal operating conditions of a road, irrespective of whether the activity is on a carriageway, footpath or shoulder. Organisations must have sufficient traffic management in place as set out in the COPTTM.

We specialise in what we do best, so you can specialise in what you do best! Call the professionals.