Any size job big or small we have the right resource for your job, you can have any colour you want as long as it is GREEN!
Years of experience in event TTM
Plan Design (TMPs)
Site Setups
Onsite qualified staff
Manual Traffic Controllers
Custom built sign trucks
TMC team (road safety specialists)


Traffic Management & Control Ltd is your highly experienced road safety specialist & supplier with industry knowledge and have been in the industry for over a decade.

We are seasoned traffic management professionals with industry knowledge of 20 years!
We know the game well when comes to TTM supply and services to support that your safety obligations are met in relation to traffic management and how your physical work impacts the roading network including road users and those risks connected or associated with TTM and the environment. 
Our services start with risk assessments (risk-based approach), design, and planning through to the implementation & maintenance of TTM controls to protect your workers and those who are impacted such as other road users when working on the roading network. We hold your hand to make sure processes are followed as per PCBU legislative responsibilities. We take care of what we do best so you can carry on with your trades!

Core Sevices 

Why do you need a Traffic Management?

Click here to a view basic intro about our industry. This is a short glimpse of our world shining some light on basic processes and why you might need qualified personnel onsite. 

For more in-depth information, please ensure to refer to these two government guides. 
- Work Safe Guide 
- NZ Guide for Temp Traffic Management (NZGTTM)
All activities on the road or roadside must comply with the above guides. 

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