Site Traffic Management Specialist Universal (STMS U) 2-day course


Training Pathway:  TTM Worker  ⇒  TMO-NP  ⇒  STMS-Universal

Connexis - Unit Standard reference: 31961

This two-day classroom theory course provides basic the STMS knowledge required for completing the STMS-NP Category A, B, or C courses and the STMS Mobile course. It is also a prerequisite for those who want to be TTMP or Auditor.

Note that once you complete this course, those who carry on to STMS CAT, A, B or C will attend the theory course for each of those. The STMS-Universal course, and the STMS CAT A/B/C NP course in the Category required, then allows attendees to complete the STMS CAT A/B/C Practical assessment.

Please note: until you have been awarded the Practical Assessment for each category of road you work on, you will be STMS non-practising only and cannot act as an STMS in charge of a TTM site.
Others who move to TTMP, Auditor, etc often only require the STMS NP course (and not the onsite practical assessments). 


Topics include:

  • Navigating the CoPTTM
  • Reading a TMP and checking that it is suitable for a site (i.e. fit for purpose)
  • Identifying, assessing, and managing risk
  • Understanding layout distances
  • Planning a deployment (site setup) and calculating resources
  • Completing a TTM crew briefing
  • Checking a worksite
  • Being a leader

Who should attend

Any person who is intending to be:

  • An onsite STMS on a category A, B, or C road environment or in a mobile operation.
  • A universal STMS
  • A Traffic Operations Manager
  • A TTM Mentor, TTM Assessor, or TTM Trainer
  • A TTM Planner, TMP Approver, TTM Auditor, Traffic Management Coordinator, or Corridor Manager.


A current TMO non-practising warrant (or a current TC warrant) is the minimum prerequisite to attend this course.


At the end of this learning block, attendees will have achieved the non-practising warrant STMS-U.
This warrant confirms successful completion of the STMS Universal workshop but cannot be used as an STMS-NP or practising STMS warrant.

Duration and type of learning

The learning consists of a two-day knowledge/theory workshop delivered by a TTM Trainer.


The assessment for this warrant occurs progressively during the workshop.


There is no refresher workshop for this warrant. Once this course is completed it does not need to be refreshed. 

Any changes to CoPTTM relating to universal STMS content will be included in the category A, B, and/or C STMS Refresher workshop.

STMS (U) STMS Universal Trainee Handbook

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