TMO Practising Assessment

TMO-P Assessment

To work on the road as a Traffic Management Operative (TMO), the TMO-Non Practising (NP) course and then the TMO Practising Assessment must be completed.
Practising assessments apply the theoretical knowledge taught in the classroom to an onsite environment. Once the TMO Practising Assessment is completed, the trainee can be signed off as competent to work as a TMO on the road.
What does the TMO Practising Assessment involve?

For the assessment, the following tasks are completed in order (often over two consecutive days):
  • Task 1: Maintain a closure – berm activity or footpath control.
  • Task 2: Maintain a closure – lane merge, lane shift, cycle lane diversion, or priority control with TSL.
  • Task 3: Inspection activity (on the shoulder of a Category B Road environment)
  • Task 4: Use techniques to deal with conflict on the worksite
  • Task 5: Maintain a closure – controlling alternating flow
  • Task 6: Install, maintain, and remove a shoulder closure worksite clear of the live lane
  • Task 7: Undertake inspection activity on a category A road environment

The Mentor Tasks (Tasks 1-4) are verified by a TTM Mentor and are completed first, then the Assessment Tasks (Tasks 5-7) are assessed by a TTM Assessor.
If the attendee is an existing TC/TMO with a warrant <12 months expired, they are eligible to go straight to Tasks 5-7, and attend the second assessment day only. 
What is provided on the day?

TMC Ltd provides all of the following resources for the site to function as a real site:
  • TTM vehicle & equipment, labour (if required), TTM Mentor/Assessor, DCC approved training site TMPs, paperwork, NZTA warrant, and registering the Connexis Unit Standard 31960 (if eligible).


The attendee must have completed one of the following courses:  
Please email for further information about costs and available assessment dates.

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