STMS Mobile

About the STMS Mobile qualification

Who is the training for?

An additional STMS role has been added for those STMS who regularly undertake work activities that move along the road or beside the road.  For more information please read the handbook

The best way to process and consider if this is for you would be if you at some point you need to also do traditional traffic management closures like shoulder closures, pedestrian diversions, lane diversions or Stop/Go then you are most likely better suited to complete the normal CAT A, B or C - STMS training as that includes doing Mobile + Static closures (IE both).
Whereas this course plus the followed assessments is all about Mobile Operations therefore designed for those who only implement and run mobile operations and may decide to attend this instead of the CAT A, B or C STMS training.

What activities are covered by the new training?
  • Mobile activities that occur off the live lane (like mowing a berm)
  • Mobile activities that occur on the live lane (like road marking)
  • Mobile activities that are stationary for no more than 10 minutes
Where static advance warning and works end signs are used to replace a tail pilot these signs can be installed by the STMS mobile (practicing) as part of their duties.
What activities are NOT covered by the new training?
  • Mobile operations to install, amend or maintain and remove TTM for static worksites
  • A mobile operation that requires the work activity to be stationary for more than 10 minutes (eg a semi-static operation)
  • Mobile activities within 2m of the edge line or on the lane of a category C road environment
  • Semi Static Closures
Where static advance warning and works end signs or a tail pilot is required on a Cat C road, an STMS Cat C must install and remove the TTM equipment.
This theory course for STMS Mobile - NP (non-practising) is a half-day course 
You also need to complete the 3 practical assessments this course this only the theory course only which is half-day in the classroom. After the theory course in the classroom you can then get on job coaching (mentoring) and when ready can book in for the Verified/Assessments tasks 

Unlike some other courses, there are no Unit Standards for this course (not registered with Connexis etc) there is only the NZTA Warrant. 

STMS Universal, or L1 STMS who have completed the new Refresher (IE: Attend new refresher course to gain 31962. If you attended a STMS refresher after April 2021 you should have this) 

More info about the assessments (not included in this course, this needs to be done after the theory course) 

Closures verified by a TTM Mentor (2) 
  • On Cat A road (level 1 or 2) – Work vehicle on shoulder – No shadow required
  • On Cat B road (level 1 or 2) – Work vehicle on shoulder – Shadow and tail pilot required
Closure observed by a TTM Assessor (1)
  • On Cat A or B road (level 1 or 2) – Work vehicle on lane – Shadow and tail pilot required