STMS NP Refresher 1-day course


Training Pathway:  TTM Worker  ⇒  TMO-NP  ⇒  STMS-Universal  ⇒  STMS CAT A & B NP

This course will update existing STMS with the new NZTA changes and refresh your current STMS-NP qualification.
It is a one-day theory course designed for those who have held an L1 STMS or L2/3 STMS qualification in the past.

Topics include:

  • Introduction of categories of road environment (A, B, C)
  • Overview of the career path
  • Risk Assessment
  • Changes to STMS responsibilities
  • Overview of the TMO role and changes to the TC role (and the phase-out of this role)
  • Changes to inspection activities
  • Preparation for a Practical Assessment (to renew the Practising Cat A, B, or C warrant)


Please note that this is a course for qualified STMS of any level, current or expired no more than 12 months.


At the end of this course attendees will have achieved the non-practising warrant STMS Refresher. 

To be a practising STMS, you will have to complete the STMS practical assessments, in the category you require:
  • Category A: Low speed roads (60km/h and less)
  • Category B: High speed two-way two-lane roads (70km/h and more)
  • Category C: High speed multi-lane roads (70km/h and more)

Duration and type of learning

The learning consists of a one-day knowledge workshop delivered by a TTM Trainer. This is followed by on-job coaching from a TTM Mentor for those wishing to gain the practising warrant.


The assessment for this non-practising warrant occurs progressively during the workshop.


NZTA guide  Renewing STMS Warrant

For more detailed information STMS Refresher Trainee Handbook

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