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Note that councils and NZTA require 5 working days notice from time the TMP (Traffic Management Plan) is submitted to them for new TMP jobs. This is after we have designed and drawn up your TMP which can take 1-3 days. If there is a preapproved TMP supplied or using Generics this can sometimes be less. If you are getting a quote only but know that job will go ahead, we can prepare your TMP in advance if you inform us of that - even if you don’t have final dates. We can then get your TMP signed off with window dates, accelerating the process for when you do have final dates.

Is this a Quote or a Booking?
Note: Our TMP team will not start your TMP/booking until you accept the quote. Quotes take 1-2 days turnaround. If your job starts soon this could delay your intended start date.
Site Location
Please note that this is where your doing the physical work, important to show the area you will be working from if the property has two addresses make notes below but show where you’re working from. Any additional information, preferably street view pictures from google or site pictures showing the work area including the space you need for plant/equipment helps our team make a accurate plans and obtain approvals faster. If you have more than one site location you can use the attachment function at the bottom of this form to add extra map/information showing locations. Generic 12 month TMPs requests we require road lists or names councils/regions and state highways that you will be working on.
  1. Start typing the address and select it from the dropdown.
    Selecting a new address will clear existing markers and shapes.
  2. Add markers and shapes to the map using the toolbar in the center.
    Zoom in as far as you can to show exactly where the work will take place. Use the shape tool to draw the boundaries of your work-site.
Map Notes

What type of traffic management closure do you require?
Proposed traffic and/or pedestrian management.
Please note we will work this out for you and detail on the TMP and inform you once you have submitted this request, but if you have an idea you can suggest and we can correct if not adequate.
Company Name
Billing name or organisation.
Primary Contact
Person in charge that's booking this job.
Contact person onsite (if different from above)
Person in charge of the job so we can make direct contact on the day of the job.
Purchase Order Number
If not specified, we will use the location and date on the invoice.
How many TMC staff are required on site?
Staff members who will be on site if you're providing the qualified labour (they must have a current NZTA ID and not be expired, otherwise state if you want TMC Ltd to provide? Note if you're providing a TC onsite this needs to be approved by TMC prior, based on job location, complexity and the effect it has on traffic lanes)
Qual numbers for your staff can be looked up here if needed

Add staff
Type of work
Tell us what you're doing in detail (specific to the work you are doing), include any stages if various types of work.
How are you doing the work?
What plant, machines or vehicles will be used onsite (ie. how you are undertaking the job)?
Note any drop zones as well if required. These details are so we can allow enough room for you, plus traffic and pedestrians.
Who you're undertaking the job for (we need this for the TMP/Council).
Start & End dates that you expect/want to book the job in for.
New TMPs must be submitted 5 working days in advance to the RCA/Council, in addition to the time it takes us to draw up your plan.

Please note: The date you have selected is within the next 24 hours. NZTA and local authorities have minimum notification periods in place for this type of work, and TMC also need time to prepare your submission.

Since this appears to be an urgent, last minute booking please call 0800 000 168 once you have submitted your request. We will do our best to accommodate you.

More information here.

Please note: You have selected 'quote only', and also a start date that is very soon. You may be getting short on time, if you are intending to book this job through us. Normal processing times are 2 days for the design of the plan, plus 5+ days to obtain council approval.

If this is your intention please make contact ASAP or change this request to a job booking so we can make a start.

Window Dates
We can get the TMP approved for a longer period if you are unsure or do not have dates yet. Be safe here if not 100% sure of your start/working dates.
Start & End times that you will arrive onsite and leave site each day.
Note tell us the time you first arrive onsite, we will gauge and be setup by this time. This is important so we can sign in your staff. On State Highways and main arterial roads restrictions may apply for lane closures and speed restrictions, typically this is 9am-4pm (we will inform you if your times clash when we consult with council/NZTA).
Expected Duration
(ie. full/half day, 1 week, 2 weeks?) Note any stages here if relevant.
Unattended Site
What periods of the planned work will the site be unattended (your workers won’t be onsite)?
Road Closures, EVENTS & Affected Businesses or Residents
Tell us if you're intending to close a road or run an event.
If so a Letter Drop may be required, and ODT advertising with normally 3-4 weeks notice. If any properties/businesses are affected then let us know if you will be providing this or require us to undertake. If you have already made contact with the DCC Events team let us know.
Excavation Permit Required?

An excavation permit is required for all excavations on the road reserve. This may also be called an excavation Corridor Access Request (CAR) or a Works Access Permit (WAP). This excavation permit is in addition to an approved TMP.

TMC can request this for you, or you can lodge this yourself via Submitica – please provide the CAR number if you have done this yourself. You must supply information on trench/excavation locations, design plans and any authorisation letters (e.g. letter of approval for new vehicle crossing) if TMC is submitting for you. You must also ensure you are a council approved contractor.

Please note for new services on State Highways, a Deed of Grant is required before an excavation permit can be issued. This must be completed by the land-owner.

It remains the client’s responsibility to take any further actions required based on the information we forward to them.

My job involves excavating
Excavation Permit
Contractor doing the excavating:
Contractor doing the resealing:
Service Plans
Clients can obtain service plans from Before U Dig . You can also request assets are physically marked out during this process.
Safety Fences/Site Panels for open trenches/excavations
Is the worksite remaining up overnight (or for unattended periods)? Will you provide your own safety fences? Or state if you need TMC Ltd to provide.
If using your own fences they must comply with COPTTM specifications.
Remove Parks
Do you require the No Parking cones to be erected the night before by TMC Ltd or will you be undertaking this yourself?
Note if on Pay & Display metered DCC parking and for long durations DCC may charge fees for these types of jobs in the CBD (we will inform you if so).
Work Activity Risks
Please let us know any risks we need to be aware of relating to your actual work, plant, machines and or how you operate. We can then get our planners to incorporate this into the TMP design. IE: What do we need to be aware of how you might impact safety of pedestrians, traffic or our workers? Also include any mitigations or controls you think might be useful.
Work Area
Please give us more information to help prepare TMP and/or quote. This is not necessarily final information - we will contact you for more details if needed.
Breaks Management
How will you manage break requirements for our TMC Ltd staff?
Drop Zones
Do you require Drop Zones/Other safety zones on the footpath or road separate to your physical working area we need to know about
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Existing Customer
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Other things we need to be aware of that are not detailed above.
Do you have your own traffic management plan (TMP)?
Please ensure that your TMP supplied has been signed off & approved by the RCA (council/NZTA) for the dates you have propose to do the work. We only accept TMP Full forms for bookings but we do not accept short forms this is to comply with our inhouse HS policy and procedures for staff setting up the site if we are supplying the onsite labour or required to setup the site.
Please ensure you include your approved TMP as an attachment below
Upload your site photos, completed customer account forms or any other documentation you wish to provide.