TTM Inspector

Short Summary: Undertake inspection activities on all roads except on the lane of high-speed multi-lane roads IE CAT C roads

  • Allows the holder to complete certain non-invasive activities where workers are on foot and have minimum interference with the road user

  • Undertake roadside activities on roads with permanent speeds of 60km/h or less

  • The inspector is a stand-alone warrant that does not require an STMS to be supervising

  • Allows inspection activities to be carried out on all roads (but only on the shoulder of multi-lane roads with speeds 70km/h or more)

  • Undertake roadside activities on roads with permanent speeds of 60km/h or less

  • The vehicle must be legally parked and only accessed from non-traffic side

The Inspector role would be ideal, if that's all you primarily do. There are no prerequisites in order to attend this course. 
During the workshop you will be trained and then assessed if you achieve all aspects around Inspections (note that you just can't do an inspection on a live lane on CAT C Road). To gain a similar warrant, the person would have to attend TTM Worker, TMO-NP and complete the TMO practising assessment.

There is no unit standard for this learning block under the NZTA Training Model / or with Connexis.

About the workshop:

This is a 1 day workshop where we combine the Theory + Practical which will be assessed on the same day.
In order for an attendee to gain the warrant associated with the Inspector workshop, they must complete both the theory component and the practical assessment component of the Inspector learning block.

1. Successfully complete the Inspector workshop (4 tests)

2. Successfully complete the practical assessment (2 inspection activities)

  • Undertaking inspection activities on the lane of a category A road environment (60km or  less road)
  • Undertaking inspection activities out of the lane of a category B road environment (70km or higher speed road)

You will need to bring along PPE to attend this workshop since we will be on a live environment out on the road, plus your warm woolies and water proof clothing (lace-up steel cap safety boots, TTM-W Hi Vis Orange Vest, Safety Gloves and a hard hat). 

Please also let us know if the attendee has learning difficulties such as reading and writing as there will be a fair amount of that to complete and satisfy the assessor that you are competent in order to pass the training.

The primary rules for inspection activities on a live lane are:

  • Inspectors must leave the road on the approach of a vehicle
  • They must not expect traffic to move or slow down to avoid them  
  • There must be an approved TMP for the activity
    • The inspector completes a hazard ID then decides whether risk for the activity can be managed using the control of
    • If the controls do sufficiently manage the risk, the inspector postpones or cancels the activity

Tasks which can be completed as an inspection activity
  • Observation, using a measuring wheel, traffic counts
  • Installing traffic count equipment
  • Road maintenance activities such as removal of litter, cleaning signs, cleaning edge markers or taking photographs

More complex activities, or those where the person cannot immediately move off the live lane on approach of a vehicle, require a more substantial mobile closure or static closure



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