Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Worker 1-day course


The TTM Worker is the first step toward becoming a worker in the Temporary Traffic Management industry, working under a Site Traffic Management Specialist (STMS) in a TTM crew.

The training is held over 1 day - involving both theory and practical components.

Connexis - Unit Standard ref: US31958

TTM Worker Course - First Part (theory)

Consists mostly of theory (knowledge) learning in the classroom, with a short practical demonstration and training session starting in a controlled environment (at our depot).

TTM Worker Course - Second Part (practical application)

The trainee will be taken to a live environment on a set-up work site for a final Assessment. This is conducted by our TTM Mentor. This component also includes an internal Health & Safety Induction, which the attendees need to complete with our company before going out to the live environment. During the assessment, the TTM Mentor assesses the trainee if they are competent, marking them as 'Achieved' or 'Not Achieved'.

Please note: costs for this training do not include reassessment if the trainee does not achieve.

Refer to this Profile which outlines what the course covers TTM Worker Outcomes

Trainees will be required to complete the tasks listed in the TTM Worker assessment document. The mentor will observe and record their achievements. This assessment paperwork is then marked by a Connexis assessor and the unit standard will be awarded if the attendee has passed.

Please note: the mentor for the course may also be the assessor. 

Further Training After TTM Worker

The TTM worker Unit Standard 31958 is the prerequisite for anyone attending a TMO-NP course.

If the person begins with the TTM Worker course and continues on to the Traffic Management Operative (TMO), Site Traffic Management Specialist (STMS) roles, etc, they will be eligible for the Unit Standards along the way. Please refer to Learning Map. 

For a more in-depth break down please refer to TTM Worker Learning Plan attached.

Note this is an extensive training for the TTM Worker role. It takes a trainee who has no experience through knowledge and practical training with the objective being that the trainee walks away competent in both theory and practical knowledge. Our experienced and qualified TTM Mentors will work one on one with your staff member and provide all relevant learning information and explain the process prior to and during the training.


Who should attend

A worker who assists with Temporary Traffic Management under supervision (e.g puts signs and cones out, assists with stop/go).


There is no previous training required to attend the TTM Worker course TTM Worker (general information)


For any bookings and/or questions please email train@TMCTeam.co.nz

TTM Worker (Trainee Handbook)

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