Portable Traffic Signals

Portable Traffic Signals

NZTA Approved, Vehicle Activated

The MPB 4000 Vehicle Activated traffic lights are suited for single lane control (one lane closure, alternative to manual traffic control) , T-junctions, cross roads (truck crossing), bridge repair work and construction sites where there is a high volume of traffic, and these are NZTA approved.
The sensor on these traffic lights will even detect pedestrians and cyclists!


These units have:
A range of up to 16 different frequencies thus eliminating interference from other radio transmitters.
A built in Quartz Mode which will allow operation of this unit even in case of radio transmission failure.
LED Technology for long life and minimal power consumption.

Operating Modes:
Automatic fixed time mode, automatic green time extension, automatic green on demand, manual operation, light off, flashing, 6 day programs and night time
Operating Voltage: 12V DC / 230V AC
Power Consumption: LED: Daylight approx 0.68 amp per signal head. Night approx 0.58 amp per signal head
Data Transfer: Quartz (timing controlled) / direct cable link or digital radio transmission (multiple frequencies of your choice available)
Radio Range: 2000 meters maximum
Operating Time: (On single battery charge) - 8 hrs per day—approx 10 weeks.

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