Onsite Labour & Site Management

TMC Ltd offers a wide range of service to manage your onsite traffic management requirements these core services are:

Setting and installing the traffic management as well supplying the hire of the necessary equipment required for the job taking these to site on our custom-built sign trucks then our train qualified staff (TC & STMS) monitor and are responsible to maintain the traffic management aspects of that site.  

Types of onsite labour: Manual Traffic Control (Stop/Go) / Site Supervisors / Traffic Controllers / Footpath Controllers  / Tail, Lead and Shadow Pilot drivers / Auditors. 

More indepth information can be found below about the services mentioned above:

Supplying trained and competent qualified NZTA Traffic Controllers (TC) and Site Traffic Management Supervisors (STMS) to setup, alter, maintain all the traffic management responsibilities under the Code of Practice (CopTTM) refer A5.8 (STMS) and A5.9 (TC) CLICK here to view these in detail in the code.

These highly trained and experienced staff take their roles very seriously as its their dedicated role that they do on daily basis whether it’s a small closure replacing a sign from the side of the road, a service connection or dig out in live lane, crane lifts or large events or film job these staff have sound knowledge and understanding of the rules to ensure your company and workers onsite are protected so they can concentrate on what they do best while our staff make allowance for your work space and activity, ensuring safety zones are in place to protect your workers from passing traffic.

It’s important to remember not only is it a NZTA requirement to have a trained TC/STMS onsite at all times and this what WorkSafe NZ also use as their platform in our industry that any Active work site has many moving parts and variables that can change throughout the day which these staff are trained to access and adapt to regardless if on a small site on the footpath or in the road taking out lanes there is constant management of pedestrians, traffic and tweaks to the site as your activities and work is being undertaken with trucks, plant coming into site, drop zones, public and business needing catered for, signs blowing over, continually checking PPE requirements and other aspects from the mandatory onsite safety checks that need to be documents throughout the day inluding the pre-start tool boxing breifing we must undertake as the STMS prior work staring. For more information and quick easy guide to this full process refers to this link CLICK HERE.

Other responsibilities and key functions these staff perform onsite to keep your business safe are:

  • Complete their safety checks using the Road Direct safety app which we keep these records on behalf your company if ever requested they are available. Daily Tool Box brefing with all staff onsite are also completed and recorded.
  • Our role is also to ensure your site is complaint in the event of a crash, a dangerous member of the public passes through or the site is audited by local council or NZTA.
  • Understanding of how manage pedestrians, cyclists and other types of road users that need to be catered for safely around the work site.
  • Open excavations knowing when to plate or fence of dangerous work areas from the public
  • These staff also are very competent at operating our custom-built sign trucks during setup and coning of and shutting down active traffic lanes. Often this the most high-risk stage of the job during establishment and removal of the traffic management
  • They use the approved TMP that our team design and draw up submitting to councils/NZTA for approval. Documentation onsite and informing the RCA and key stake holder about any changes to the approved plan and ensuring your company who has employed TMC have a good reputation while working on the road through these services.

Internal Auditing sites, using the site condition rating forms that NZTA and Council also use TMC management staff who do our daily management checks undertake these audits to make sure best standard onsite is kept. This service is free and no additional charges for this or documenting the checks onsite using Road Direct 2 app. These management staff who have been with company also offer lots other advice while onsite with assisting and communicating back to operations team planning what your workers would like to do the following day saving your management time.

External audits on your own traffic management sites, make contact and we can supply quote for these services.

Unattended sites, TMC has STMS that go around sites that are left unattended (weekends when the traffic management is left up etc) we do onsite record check and document these through GPS tracking and pictures ensuring records are kept for these sites, this evidence of the documentation process can prove very valuable for your HS polices and reputation within councils and companies you have contracted to.  

Consultation and planning, TMC Ltd has experienced operations and management team going back 20 years they can liaise with councils and NZTA on your behalf when engaging us to undertake the Traffic management, saving valuable time at your end from proving best solutions for safety, keeping the costs traffic management as cost affective as they can be with smart planning, consulting with buses services, emergency services and other affected parties your job site may require. View more information about this process on TMP page (CLICK HERE).