Hire Equipment

TMC offer a range of equipment hire relating to traffic management (for non-related TTM hire or plant you can refer to this page CLICK HERE).

These are the following types of hires:

  • Traffic Management Equipment (signs/cones/stands) - Full service, the will be taken to site when you contract TMC ltd to undertake all traffic management full services i.e. TMP, site setup, onsite qualified labour and equipment hire. The equipment detailed on the TMP will be provide on the sign truck taken to site (signs, cones, stands, ballast, kerb ramps, radios and cone dividers).
  • Dry Hire, this is when the customer pics up from our depot and have their own TMP and STMS onsite i.e. signs, cones, stands, ballast, kerb ramps, radios and cone dividers when picked up from the depot, any type of equipment relating to traffic management can be dry hired including other plant and devices below and or on this link CLICK HERE

The following types of hire equipment the customer needs to make a request and or obtain pricing, they can be included when contracting TMC Ltd to privide the full services as well as dry hire from our depot:

  • Safety Fences (for pedestrian control, unattended sites these must be used instead cone dividers, or place around open excavations or trenches to make work area safe) these can be dry hired or taken to site if contracting TMC Ltd to undertake the full service if arranged and quoted prior to the job happening.  
  • Site Panel hire (1.8 high safety fences for around construction and building sites or on TTM site when requested on full service jobs otherwise the can be dry hired from our depot)
  • Cover plates and Trench plates for open excavations or holes.  
  • Portable Traffic Lights (NZTA approved, vehicle activated)
  • Speed Radar warning trailer
  • VMS (Variable Message Board) electronic sign on a trailer that’s used for advertising road closures, upcoming delays or events these signs are generally requested for large projects or when the residents or public need know about major work delays or closures, typically this is sometimes requested to be used by the RCA (council/NBZAT) the days prior to your job starting
  • Trailers (signs, cones, stands, ballast, kerb ramps, radios and cone dividers)
  • LED Beacons
  • Hi Vis Vests  
  • Radios