Indoor Acrylic Half Dome Mirror Range

SKU: 18535H

This wall-mounted mirror is designed to see 180° at the T-Intersection. This allows vision left and right at the end of corridors and retail aisles. When used in busy corridors such as hospitals, schools, and factories it can help reduce the risk of collision. 
Great Retail & Security Surveillance



  • 2mm or 3mm acrylic face
  • Pure reflective coating
  • Dome top screws for attaching to wall

• Indoors only
• Retail and security surveillance
• Forklift safety in warehouses
• Hospital T-intersections and corridors
• Reception areas and lobbies
• End of aisles to see left and right
• Above high shelving

** View Distance is the combined distance from the observer to the mirror PLUS the distance from the mirror to the area being viewed. (The larger the mirror the larger the reflected image)

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18535H 600x300mm Up to 6mt $134.10
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18553H 900x450mm Up to 9mt $228.03
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18556H 1200x600mm Up to 14mt $464.41
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