Outdoor Stainless Steel Convex Safety Mirrors

SKU: 16062S

The unbreakable stainless steel Heavy Duty convex mirror is ideal in situations where vandalism is a problem. This tough and durable mirror can withstand hard knocks in industrial situations or where projectile objects, such as rocks, are an issue. Complete with a fully adjustable wall mounting bracket (optional pole mounting accessories are available) which is easy to install and allows the mirror to be angled in the most effective position. The mirror face is made from 304 grade 18 gauge highly polished stainless steel for a bright, clear reflection with no distortion. Best suited for industrial and outdoor situations where extreme weather is not experienced.


  • Unbreakable stainless steel mirror face
  • Vinyl celuka back
  • Vinyl extrusion
  • Includes Outdoor J-Bracket to fix to wall or ceiling
  • Wall Mounting screws Not included
  • Pole mounting kit available

Suitable Uses

  • Industrial Safety
  • Vandal Prone Areas
  • Driveways and Carparks
  • Outdoor Security around Buildings
  • Security Checkpoints and Boarder Control
  • Livestock Observation and Heat Detection
** View Distance is the combined distance from the observer to the mirror PLUS the distance from the mirror to the area being viewed. (The larger the mirror the larger the reflected image)

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16087S 800mm Up to 60m $995.43
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16445S 1000mm Up to 65m $1,411.43
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