Heavy Duty Acrylic Convex Safety Mirrors

SKU: 18026S

Heavy-duty indoor/outdoor acrylic mirror.
Super bright, clear reflection with no distortion
Comes complete with an adjustable wall mounting bracket (mounting screws not included)
Fantastic for driveways, car parks, industrial safety, pedestrian crossings, and more. Weather-resistant and Impact resistant
Variety of sizes available.
Freight Free


Available in multiple sizes. Size based on detail required, and combined viewing distance (CVD). CVD = add distance from mirror site to viewer, and mirror site to the area being observed.
Mirror sizes: (total diameter mm)
300mm: CVD up to 21m
450mm: CVD up to 28m
600mm: CVD up to 38m
760mm: CVD up to 46m
900mm: CVD up to 55m
1200mm: CVD over 55m

Heavy-duty stainless steel mirrors and pole mounting kits also available.

18026S 300mm $206.91
($237.95 incl. GST)
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18044S 450mm $276.10
($317.52 incl. GST)
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18062S 600mm $335.31
($385.61 incl. GST)
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18078S 760mm $457.87
($526.55 incl. GST)
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18114S 900mm $550.39
($632.95 incl. GST)
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18118S 1200mm $1,017.44
($1,170.06 incl. GST)
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