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Compliancy Information

All light bars used for Temporary Traffic Management must comply with Section B14.1 of the COPTTM (Code of practice) as it states below or refer to the COPTTM:

B14.1 Flashing beacons

Flashing beacons refer to roof-mounted devices.

Note: Vehicle hazard warning lights are not beacons.

Flashing beacons consist of an amber light, encapsulated in either clear or amber casing that may either flash (strobe) or appear to flash when circled by a rotating reflector.

Flashing beacons must be clearly visible to road users and seen to be flashing in all of the following situations:
• In all light conditions including, but not limited to, bright sunlight, unlit darkness, and lit darkness (for example, in an urban environment).

• From a distance in the range from 10m to not less than 800m unobstructed sight distance from the vehicle.

• From driver eye height for all approaches to the beacon. Driver eye height is taken to range from 1.1m to 2.4m.

• For any given viewing position from driver eye height to the beacon, the beacon must flash or appear to flash at a rate in the range of 90 cycles per minute to 180 cycles per minute. Beacons must appear to flash with an amber-coloured light.


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