Mini Safety Strobe / Flare

SKU: GD-016

Super Bright Magnetic LED Warning Light - Red and Green LED lights available

  • Ideal to keep in the boot he car in case of an emergency
  • Cased in super high strength TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) 
  • The mini safety strobe is magnetic, waterproof, and can float on water.
  • Choose from tWO different colours: Red or Green. 
  • 9 different flash patterns: ROTATE; double blink; single blink; alternate; SOS; solid on (high); solid on (low); 2 LED flashlight; 4 LED flashlight 
  • Discreet power button - push down and hold to turn off
  • Takes 2x AAA batteries - easy to replace
  • The flare running period is 8-9 hours with new batteries.
  • Some patterns use more battery power, so battery life varies, depending on which flashing pattern you use.

The On/Off button is located on the surface of beacon. It is the same colour as the beacon and can be hard to see.

  • Push button with finger or thumb to turn on.
  • Push again to switch strobing patterns
  • Depress button for a few seconds to turn off – it will flash twice and turn off.
 To change batteries
  • Unscrew with a flathead screwdriver
  • Pull back open, there are clear lugs on the edge of disc to assist with this. May need the use of a tool to help lever open.
  • Beacon takes 2 x AAA batteries.
PLEASE NOTE: This beacon is not TTM compliant however it is a great cost-effective option for increased visibility when needed. 

Please specify which colour you need in the comments section at the checkout.

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