Warren McConnell

Senior Traffic Management Staff and Operations Support
Warren McConnell
Warren joined the TMC Ltd team in September 2015 and moved into full time that December. In his role as senior traffic management staff and operations support, he has a varied day, doing anything from setting up sites to helping the team doing site checks. He’s grateful that he gets to spend his day out and about and not stuck inside.
Warren has a lot of knowledge in the industry as previous to TMC Ltd, he spent four years doing traffic counting. He also has excellent problem solving and analytical skills from a background in engineering. Through TMC Ltd, Warren is an accredited Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) Level 1.
Warren enjoys the flexibility involved in his day-to-day. He is often working independently has using his initiative with his role. He says working at TMC Ltd is one of the best jobs he’s ever had. He particularly enjoys the travel involved and that no two days are the same. The team at TMC Ltd are a good, varied bunch of people, with different personalities and a whole range of ages and backgrounds that all seem to fit in together.
Outside of work Warren enjoys spending time with his wife and family, particularly his grandchildren. Warren is a competitive pentaque player and competes at National level. He is part of the Dunedin City Pentaque Club in Mornington.