Peter Graham

Managing Director
Peter Graham

Peter founded Traffic Management & Control Limited (TMC Ltd) in 2003. Since founding TMC Ltd, Peter has worked on a range of traffic management sites and projects in Otago and throughout New Zealand, including major events. Peter has diversified TMC Ltd into four key divisions: retail; selling safety equipment, hire; hiring safety equipment, training provider; providing training across New Zealand and traffic management services; from plan design to qualified staff managing the sites.

Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and qualifications to TMC Ltd. He is a certified Level 1 New Zealand Transport Agency Accredited Trainer and regularly provides training throughout New Zealand. He has a Certificate in Small Business Management, and a Diploma of Business Management and Financial Management from the Otago Chamber of Commerce. Peter was invited to be a part of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) review group working on the new competencies and changes to the NZTA framework in 2017.

Peter likes to think outside the box, embrace new technologies, and apply them to business. He encourages TMC Ltd staff to think creatively and implement things that they desire for TMC Ltd, while working together as a team.

Peter is methodical in his approach and enjoys developing and implementing systems and procedures to increase efficiencies, both internally and for the benefit of clients. This has led to the development of electronic systems which run the day-to-day operations of the business. He has also worked with staff to design and develop customised trucks and products which support the industry and are now sold through the retail division of TMC Ltd.

Peter enjoys meeting with clients and seeing how all different industries work together on the utilities we so often forget keep cities running. He finds it rewarding to be able to help during unplanned events such as flooding or extreme weather conditions. Meeting business owners and locals who engage with TMC Ltd is something he is passionate about. While the most rewarding aspect of TMC Ltd for Peter is watching the team at TMC Ltd grow over the past few years, with a positive outlook and dedication, it has been a pleasure to watch staff develop into their roles.

Outside of work, Peter is a keen sailor. He has sailed competitively overseas and locally and has won the Laser Radial South Island competition 7 times. He enjoys training new sailors and sponsoring sailing events. He’s a keen sports fan who enjoys watching sport and keeping fit.