Nikki 3 Vented Hard Hat

Nikki 3 Vented Hard Hat

Nikki 3Vented Hard Hat, a lightweight and comfortable fit making it easy to wear all day.

(End of Line Product)
Please phone our friendly sales team on 0800 000 168 to check stock levels and colour availability before ordering. 


  • UV inhibitor helps protect the life of the helmet
  • Adjustable ratchet with shock-absorbing suspension
  • Lightweight lining with soft absorbent crown and sweatband, that can also be replaced or removed to be washed.
  • Side slots for a wide range of accessories to be fitted.
  • Weights 376G
  • Cradle size 52-66cm
Colours: White, yellow, orange, red, light blue, dark blue, hi-vis Fluro orange, hi-vis Fluro yellow and hi-vis Fluro pink.

Please enquire if you are looking for a particular colour.

Note: once you purchase a hard hat you need to date it with the day of purchase. After two years it is recommended to replace it.
Also the moment it is damaged in any way it needs to be replaced.

Nikki 3 Vented Hard Hat $8.06
($9.27 incl. GST)
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