Portable Light Towers

Portable Light Towers
Portable Battery-Operated Light Towers are now available for hire.

Are you tired of lugging a trailer around for every nighttime job? Are you tired of paying for diesel and breathing in fumes whilst on the job? The TL-200 and TL-300 battery-operated lights are great substitutes to replace the diesel-operated trailer light towers. Light and portable, move them to a new spot at a moment's notice. They have quick-to-replace rechargeable batteries should you run out of power. There are no emissions and no sound, both models can be set up in 10 seconds. 

Perfect in a multitude of uses, construction, road works, painting and interior work, events, social gatherings, and camping. 

TL-200 daily hire - $40.00 + GST

TL-300 daily hire - $50.00 + GST
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